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Es’hailSat, the Qatar Satellite Company, proudly announced its partnership with Total Media Cast (TMC) with the aim to provide Digital Satellite News Gathering (DSNG) services and Outdoor Broadcast Van (OBVAN) services in Qatar and across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The two companies have decided to work closely together to lease DSNG vehicles and equipment to end customers. They primarily concentrate on serving news agencies and journalists, particularly for the purpose of news gathering.

Live Events Need Dedicated News Gathering

“Es’hailSat is delighted to partner with Total Media Cast and add DSNG and OBVAN services to complement our teleport and satellite hotspot,” said Ali Ahmed Al-Kuwari, President and CEO, Es’hailSat. “We believe that the growing number of live events in Qatar and the Middle East needs dedicated news gathering services, together with teleport and satellite infrastructure, to ensure quality of service for premier broadcasters across the region.”

Based in Doha, Qatar, Es’hailSat offers satellite, broadcast, teleport, and managed services, leveraging over 12 years of experience in serving broadcasters, telecommunication companies, enterprises, mobility applications, and governments across the Middle East and North Africa. Es’hailSat’s infrastructure, including two satellites at 25.5/26 East, together with a 50,000 sqm teleport facility, provides reliable and robust connectivity services.

Es’hailSat’s satellites are a symbol of Qatar’s commitment to free, secure, and independent communication and coverage of live events— such as the FIFA World Cup 2022 and the ongoing AFC Asian Football Cup 2023, which have proven to be the perfect opportunity for the company to showcase its capabilities. Beyond these events, Qatar’s 2030 Vision is designed to transition the country from a carbon-based economy to a knowledge-based economy and Es’hailSat is a key part of that vision.

Qatar: A Powerhouse in Major Sports and Global Events

Sharing his insights, Isam Ayyad, Founder and General Director of TMC, asserted "Qatar is ascending as a powerhouse in major sports and global events. I hold a strong belief in the necessity of our partnership with Es’hailSat to provide top-tier service. Our DSNG services and OBVAN facility are steadfast guarantees, ensuring exceptional quality during these pivotal events."

Total Media Cast (TMC) was established at the beginning of the 2nd decade of the new millennium by experienced individuals from different channels and broadcast companies worldwide. TMC aims to provide clients with expert broadcast and operations consultation studies, digital media management, integration services, news gathering and media logistics services, and space segment lease services. TMC consistently endeavors to be a successful partner for its clients, assisting them in upholding a high standard of service quality. The company also aims to lead among Arab media services companies, positioning itself as the preferred choice for clients seeking excellence, promptness, and efficiency. TMC exceeds customer expectations by utilizing the best competencies, advanced equipment, and most valuable practices in its repertoire.

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