e& Carrier & Wholesale customers can now benefit from Equinix’s software-defined interconnection solution, Equinix Fabric®, in Frankfurt and Singapore. This will enable connections between distributed infrastructure and digital ecosystems on Platform Equinix® in these metros and provide e& Carrier & Wholesale customers with a seamless, reliable, and highly flexible global network connectivity experience.

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TAWAL, the leading integrated IT infrastructure provider in the Kingdom, has signed an agreement with Kidana Development Company to lease 340 sites in the Holy Sites for the construction and operation of communications towers.

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Salam announced a strategic partnership with the Global Cloud Xchange (GCX) to inaugurate the Saudi Transit Corridor. This new venture is set to revolutionize connectivity between Asia and Europe, showcasing a significant leap in global telecommunications infrastructure.

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The inception of center3 is a story of decisive action in Saudi Arabia’s rapidly evolving digital landscape. Recognizing the increasing demands of the digital era, telecom operator, stc, identified the need to focus attention on hosting and data services. This was particularly important to meet the evolving requirements of hyperscalers, content providers, and enterprises transitioning to the cloud in the region. Consequently, stc spun off part of its organization and assets into a new entity dedicated to addressing these specific digital requirements.

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In 2023, center3 significantly advanced the global digital infrastructure by expanding our submarine cable network landings in Saudi Arabia. This growth increased our cable landing stations from four to nine, markedly enhancing center3's global connectivity capabilities and the reliability of our network infrastructure. These stations are renowned for their strategic locations and pivotal roles in global connectivity:

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The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region are poised for substantial growth in the data center sector, driven by a surge in internet accessibility and rapid digital adoption. This trend not only underscores the region's increasing reliance on digital infrastructure but also presents lucrative investment prospects.

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The launch of Oman-IX, a neutral internet exchange, aims to revolutionize the digital infrastructure services in the region and connect leading telecom industry networks providers, hyperscalers, data centers, and cloud services across the Middle East and beyond.

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Integrated Telecom Company (Salam)— licensed to provide fixed telecommunications services with infrastructure— has finalized the sale of its entire fiber optic network to Technical Links Services Company Limited (TLS). TLS, a wholesale infrastructure service provider licensed by the Communications, Space, & Technology Commission (CST), was established by Al-Mawarid Investment Limited as a limited liability company (LLC) in 2020. Previously, Salam received CST approval on a three-phase implementation plan to transfer all of Salam's fiber-optic network assets to TLS.

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