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Fresh from a successful €13 million Series A funding round, OQ Technology, the leading 5G IoT satellite operator, is thrilled to announce the forthcoming MACSAT launch with Arianespace’s Vega on October 4, 2023 (mission VV23). This pivotal step will further fortify its space and ground infrastructure, as well as expand its satellite coverage.

OQ Technology's trailblazing 5G IoT payload equips MACSAT to deliver universal communication services, setting a foundation for a seamlessly connected world. Managed by the European Space Agency (ESA) and funded by the Luxembourg Government, the MACSAT mission is set to augment their 5G IoT capabilities. These advancements cater to pressing needs like greenhouse gas monitoring, supply chain sustainability and earth observation. They serve pivotal government mandates and numerous sectors, including transportation, agritech, utilities, smart cities, mining, maritime and energy/O&G.

Omar Qaise, Founder and CEO, OQ Technology, reflected, "2023 has been monumental for us, marking numerous achievements like the Tiger-4 launch, our alliance with Saudi Aramco, and now the MACSAT venture with the Luxembourg Government and ESA. These endeavors don't just highlight the mutual trust we've nurtured but also the blossoming trajectory of an industry on the brink of massive growth. We're passionately poised at the heart of this evolution, and our accomplishments this year only amplify our zeal for the future."

This Arianespace-coordinated launch will soar aboard a Vega rocket, taking off from the Guiana Space Centre, French Guiana. The mission will examine advanced 5G IoT algorithms, endorse commercial LEO 5G NB-IoT chips and further augment OQ Technology’s commercial connectivity services.

The payload and user terminals are OQ Technology's design, including the 5G software stack, and they are in charge of the mission's comprehensive management and operations.

Amid the surging demand for cellular direct-to-device (D2D) services, OQ Technology has emerged as a frontrunner. Since their groundbreaking Narrowband IoT Waveform mission in 2019, they've successfully connected cellular IoT devices to LEO satellites. With keen interest from sectors such as energy, logistics, agriculture, maritime and major telecommunications players eyeing satellite cellular IoT, OQ Technology is perfectly positioned to cater to a broad spectrum of clients in the upcoming year.

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